Guaranteed Admissions Program

  • SBLSD partnership helps seniors receive guaranteed admission into college 

    To help increase access and reduce barriers to attending college, SBLSD is part of the Guaranteed Admissions Program with select universities in Washington. Students who participate in the program can be automatically admitted to a participating colleges/universities if they meet specific GPA criteria and complete the College Academic Distribution Requirements (requirements can vary by university).    


    SBLSD is one of many school districts statewide participating in the program with a shared commitment to meeting students’ college and career goals. The program focuses on increasing access and credential completion, especially for students who may not have considered going to college.


    For more information about the Guaranteed Admissions Program, please contact your school’s counselor. 

    Parents/guardians: If you'd like your student to participate in the Guaranteed Admissions Program, we need you to please complete the Guaranteed Admission Program Student Data Sharing Agreement form. We prefer that you complete the form online through Skyward Family Access. An alternative option is to use this PDF form that you fill out, download and attach in an email to