CharacterStrong/PurposeFull People

  • CharacterStrong provides research-based Pre-K through 12th grade social & emotional learning curricula and professional learning services that positively impact lives.

    PurposeFull People is CharacterStrong’s Pre-K-5 Toolkit. It is intentionally designed to support the development of character and social emotional skills in students, staff, and families. The below 10 traits are intentionally taught by engaging students in activities to develop their character and social emotional skills needed for life. The FAMILY component includes a letter home that has conversation starters, simple activities, and family character challenges (“PurposeFull Pursuits”) related to the monthly trait. We know that this bridge is one of the most important ones to build! Speaking a common language between school and home and equipping families with the tools to engage in these meaningful (and sometimes tough!) conversation is critical for sustainable change.
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