• NOTE: New requirements are in effect for students in preschool or kindergarten who are four years old or older on Sept. 1.

    Students must be in compliance with the state immunization requirements for their age prior to the first day of attendance.

    A child may meet the state requirements to attend school by verifying immunization status in one of three ways:

    1. Complete Immunization Status
      • Proof of immunization. There are several ways to provide verification of immunization status:
        • CIS (Certificate of Immunization Status) form downloaded from If you know your student is fully immunized, but the CIS does not reflect their status, contact your medical provider to enter the immunizations into the state database.
        • A CIS filled out by the parent or guardian with medical records attached. These will be reviewed by health services staff for completeness. If you are enrolling in the summer, medical records documenting immunization will not be reviewed until staff return from summer break. Parents are responsible for ensuring immunizations are up-to-date prior to registration. See the back side of the form for directions on how to fill out the form. Please note, immunizations documented from a previous school district are not medical records.
        • A CIS filled out by hand and certified/signed by your health care provider.
        • A CIS printed out by your health care provider.
    2. Conditional Immunization Status
      • If you need to get caught up on vaccines, speak with your healthcare provider to create a schedule. Free immunizations are also available from the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department. Students on a catch-up schedule are considered conditionally enrolled. You can find more information about conditional immunization status here.
    3. Exemptions
      • A child shall be exempt, in whole or in part, from the immunization requirements in RCW 28A.210.060 through 28A.210.170 upon the presentation of any one or more of the following certifications on a form prescribed by the department of health:
        • Medical exemption- A written certification signed by a health care practitioner that a particular vaccine required by the state board of health is, in his or her judgment, not advisable for the child. When it is determined that this particular vaccine is no longer contraindicated, the child will be required to have the vaccine;
        • Religious exemption- A written certification signed by the parent/guardian that the religious beliefs of the parent/guardian are contrary to the required immunization measures; or
        • Personal/philosophical exemption- A written certification signed by the parent/guardian that the parent/guardian has either a philosophical or personal objection to the immunization of the child. PLEASE NOTE: A philosophical or personal objection may not be used to exempt a child from the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine.

    The form must also include a statement signed by a licensed health care practitioner that he or she provided the parent/guardian with information about the benefits and risks of immunization to the child.

    Please visit the Washington State Department of Health website to learn more about School and Childcare Immunization Requirements.

    School district staff do not administer vaccines. Free immunizations are available through the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department. For a schedule of availability, click here. You can also view the Mary Bridge Children's Immunization Clinic calendar here.

    References: RCW 28A.210.060, 28A.210.170  SBLSD Regulations & Procedures No. 3413P

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