• Thoughtexchange Results: What should our district start, stop, and continue doing to ensure that distance learning is an effective model for our students?Image of TE participation

    In mid-October, a month into distance learning, the District asked families and students what they think we should start, stop, and continue doing to ensure that distance learning is an effective model.Image of Wordcloud overview

    Using a new feedback tool, Thoughtexchange, we were thrilled to see high participation in this critical conversation that generated 1,665 thoughts garnering 50,412 ratings. The ratings are especially valuable as the thoughts with the highest ratings were deemed most important and where we placed our focus in proposing enhancements to our distance learning format.

    We very much thank everyone who participated in this Thoughtexchange. Please know that we heard you and your feedback is instrumental in making changes and improvements to help ensure student success.

    Here’s a high-level summary of the results broken out by the top themes, thoughts and ideas for action steps.

  • Demographics

    Participants in this exchange selected which grade level they are associated with.

    Image of demographics from this exchange

    Top 5 Themes

    Based on the feedback we received from this first Thoughtexchange discussion, we have compiled a list of the top five themes, along with our top ideas for action that will be explored by the District.

    Image of top 5 themes from this exchange

  • Theme 1: Workload

  • Theme 2: Communication

  • Theme 3: Instructional Model

  • Theme 4: Social Emotional Learning Connections

  • Theme 5: Standards Based Assessment