Student Interest Clubs

  • Book Club

     BLHS Book Club

    Advisor:  Michael Panter

    Meeting Info:  October - March, twice a month

    The Book Club is here to expand student's personal literary experience by reading and discussing works chosen by the students and staff in a friendly and open atmosphere. The club provides a safe and welcoming environment for students to develop a lifelong interest in and appreciation for reading and learning. Students will also have great opportunities to connect with other readers and create new friendships that share a passion for reading.



    Gaming Club

     BLHS Gaming Club

    Advisor:  Michael Panter

    Meeting Info:


    Gay-Straight Alliance

     BLHS Gay-Straight Alliance  

    Advisor:  Samara Dienst-Philipson

    Meeting Info:  Monday & thursday, 4pm

    The purpose of Gay-Straight Alliance is to provide students with an accepting environment, opportunities for civic engagement and community service, and education about LGBTQ+ issues.


    International Club

     BLHS International Club  

    Advisor:  Anne Robinson

    Meeting Info:  Twice a month for Core, once a month for


    The purpose of International Club is to open the world to our BLHS students through meeting our exchange students, sharing cultures, food, life through international kid eyes.


    N2G Club

     BLHS N2G Club  

    Advisor:  Reyla Zumhofe

    Meeting Info:  Friday during each lunch, Sept. - May

    The purpose of N2G is to welcome all students in a Christlike way as we discover the endless love of Jesus Christ.


    Speak Up

     BLHS Speak Up Club  

    Advisor:  Heather Kellington

    Meeting Info:  Once a week

    Speak Up is a student led action based group that focuses on social justice and equity issues in our nation and our community.