Planning Process

  • Planning Guidance

    On June 23, the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction released a document Reopening Washington Schools 2020: District Planning Guide. 

    Reopening Schools Planning Process

    Alongside numerous stakeholders, including our labor unions, our Task Force members reflect a variety of stakeholders, with the intent of maximizing expertise and experience.

    Our stakeholders were carefully selected to participate in working groups formed to address key action areas: Instruction/Professional Development/ SEL, Safety, Operations, Communication, Athletics, and Resource Management.

    Each working group was assigned a leader to supervise and support each of these action goals. Working groups met weekly and reported to the Executive Lead who ensured coherence and equity within the plan.

    Strengths & Challenges: Spring 2020

    Our experiences from remote learning have taught us much about how we can meet the needs of students in the future. In early May, the Sumner-Bonney Lake School District launched a survey on distance learning to engage staff, students, and the community on what matters most as we continue education during this unprecedented time.

    The District responded in a remarkable fashion by providing families with a survey which resulted in more than 2200 participants responding. Initial results were shared at the June board meeting and also shared in the June family message.

    Some themes expressed throughout the feedback that we received included:

    • Flexibility (time, place, resources)

    • Clear and streamlined communication

    • Predictable and consistent structure

    • Access to help/support

    • Social-emotional supports and connection

    • Support for technology applications

    Our next steps include:

    • Build capacity of district and school leaders and educators to implement best practices for distance and blended learning

    • Plan for professional learning to support chosen model before the start of school and throughout the year This information was considered and used during meetings to ensure that we continue to hear the voices of all stakeholders in our decision making that lies ahead.

    Critical Components of Reopening Plan

    Our working groups (Instruction/SEL, Safety/Operations, Stakeholders & Communication, Athletics, and Resource Management) have come together to build a comprehensive plan that is coherent, equitable, and, most importantly, inclusive to the public health and safety needs that we face today