• Grading

    Students will be held accountable for the completion of assignments and assessments. Grading and assessments are meant to provide feedback and communication to students and families, with the focus on learning, growth, and progress. Report cards will be provided for elementary students at each trimester. Secondary students will receive progress reports at quarter 1 and 3, and formal report cards at the end of first semester (quarter 2) and the end of second semester (end of year).

    Elementary students will be graded using a standards-based grading system consisting of selected priority standards in ELA and Math.  These standards were reviewed in the spring of 2020 by PLC teams to identify which standards had been adequately taught and assessed prior to or during distance learning.  They also identified priority standards from spring 2020 that need to be addressed in the fall of the next grade level.  Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) have created plans to focus instruction and assessment in 20-21 on “Key” priority standards from their current grade level and review identified key content from the previous year.  This will continue to be part of the work PLCs complete before returning to school. 

    Middle school and high school Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) will utilize Priority Standards to focus their standards-based instruction in conjunction with a percentage scale grading system/gradebook. Grading best practices will continue to be utilized, such as clear learning targets, allowing multiple opportunities for re-assessment and demonstration of standards, weighting demonstration of mastery over practice completion, not entering “zeros” in the gradebook for missing work, etc. PLCs will also utilize, where appropriate, alternative assessments such as portfolios and projects in addition to traditional paper/pencil summative assessments.