• Early Entrance Kindergarten

    Although SBLSD does not encourage early entry for the vast majority of students, application for testing for early entrance is available at parent expense for students who turn 5 between September 1 and October 1.

    As you consider submitting an early entrance request for your child, the following information may be helpful:

    • A child who turns five between September 1 and October 1 is eligible for early entrance.
    • The Instructional Services Department makes decisions regarding early entrance.
    • Our first priority is to accommodate kindergarten students who turn 5 by August 31 in their neighborhood schools, so final decisions regarding early entrance will not be made until late summer.
    • Testing is done at the family’s expense through a private contract with a qualified/certificated psychologist. (If you decide to have your child tested, discuss fees prior to making arrangements for testing. Fees vary, but can be very expensive.)
    • Children applying for early entrance kindergarten must show evidence of exceptional maturity compared to his/her age group in the following areas:
      • Mental ability;
      • Gross motor skills;
      • Fine motor skills;
      • Visual discrimination;
      • Auditory discrimination; and
      • Emotional/social development.
    • Many children start kindergarten with beginning reading and math skills. Strong academic skills should not be your only reason for considering early entrance.

    Additional information:

    Interest Letter

    SBLSD school board policy 3110

    SBLSD policy 3110 Regulations and procedures