Career Readiness Cord Information

  • A Career Readiness Cord is an honorary designation that signals to future employers and post-secondary institutions that students have participated in a wide range of high school career preparation courses and have demonstrated evidence of 21st-century skills valued in the workplace.

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    Eligibility Criteria

    Criteria 1 - Demonstrates depth of knowledge about careers and workplace readiness through participation in K-12 Career and Technical Education coursework


    • Complete at least two CTE credits within a K-12 setting (high school or Skills Center). The eligibility requirement for a cord is two credits (example: 4 half-credit courses, or 2 one-credit courses or two half-credit courses and a full credit course)
    • The courses can be from multiple program areas (Ag, Business and Marketing, Family and Consumer Science, Health Sciences, Skilled Trades, STEM)
    • Running Start courses are not eligible.
    • Seniors who are slated to take a CTE class during the second semester who will have earned at least 2 credits by graduation may apply for a cord.

    Criteria 2 - Demonstrate 21st-century skills valued in the workplace 


    Selection Criteria

    Students will be evaluated using a rubric scored by a committee of business/industry partners and district leadership. Students that demonstrate criteria outlined on the rubrics for the application, resume, and interview will receive a Career Readiness Cord. 

    Supports for Students

    Students are encouraged to access the resources below and to take advantage of supports from the Career Specialists to ensure that they submit a high-quality application and are prepared for the interview.  by accessing the following before submitting the application:


    Career Specialist can support students with:

    • Writing Support: Resume and application
    • Mock Interviews
    • Scheduling interviews

    This process is designed to mirror a job application process. Therefore, revisions to application will not be permitted after the application is submitted. The application deadline is January 31, 2022.

    Timeline 2021-22 School Year

    • November 2021: Invitations to the class of 2021 students meeting minimum qualifications (or on track to meet qualifications by the end of the year) emailed to students and families
    • November - January: Career Specialists available to provide application and resume support
    • January 31, 2022: Online application materials due
    • February and March: Career Specialist available to provide mock interview support
    • March: Interviews
    • April: Students notified of application status
    • June: Cords distributed at Senior Awards event

    Email your Career Specialists to arrange support or to answer questions about the process