Workplace Readiness

  • In collaboration with several of our business partners, we have determined the most important workplace readiness skills that local employers are looking for.  We are continually finding ways to integrate these skills into classroom instruction to help our students be career and life ready.

    We conduct regular activities that help our students prepare to enter the workplace, both inside and outside of the classroom.

    High school students can visit their Career & Information Center to sign up for workshops and get more help from their Career Specialist regarding workplace readiness. Examples of resources and workshops include resume builder, interview tips, business partner RSVP.


    Workplace Readiness Skills

    Work Ethic (Punctual, Attitude, Ambition)
    Ability to show up on time (early) consistently, prepared to work and manage time efficiently. Willing to learn new things. Accountability and integrity are modeled by being reliable, prepared, confident and maintaining a positive attitude.

    Evidence: Attendance record.

    Flexibility (Adaptability, Resiliency)
    Ability to successfully adapt to change, be self-motivated, be willing to learn, and demonstrate self-control. 

    Evidence: Absence of disciplinary actions, Report card.

    Critical Thinking/Problem Solving Activities

    Ability to make decisions and solve problems creatively and logically.  Present solutions to problems by analyzing research, data, reasoning, experience, and facts.  Ability to obtain and process information. 

    Evidence: Received a less than expected grade on a paper or test and was able to approach the teacher on their own and ask for clarification or course of action to improve the grade.

    Organization & Personal Management Skills (Initiative, Self-Motivation, Time Management)

    Ability to plan, organize, and prioritize work with strong initiative and motivation.  Manage multiple assignments and achieve goals with minimal errors, paying attention to detail and deadlines.

    Evidence: Full course load while participating in a club or sport, practicing good self-care, using a planner or calendar for time management.

    Communication (Written, Verbal, Listening, Interpersonal)

    Ability to effectively express your ideas clearly and confidently in speech and in writing. Ability to communicate verbally with people inside and outside an organization (diverse groups and situations).  Able to create and edit written reports and documents and share information with all audiences.

    Evidence: Look people in the eye, firm handshake, the resume is grammatically correct and summarizes skills and experience (paying attention to these workplace readiness skills).

    Teamwork & Leadership
    Ability to work in or lead a team in a variety of settings, using positive guidance and motivation of others to accomplish common goals.

    Evidence: Clubs and athletic involvement (include leadership positions held, such as captain or secretary), volunteer experience, an example of a group project in a class, role in your family and how you help out when needed.

    Computer/Technical Literacy
    Proficient in basic computer skills and software, and technical knowledge related to the job. Willingness to learn new skills as new technology emerges. 

    Evidence: List industry-recognized certificates such as Microsoft Office Specialist and Adobe Certified Associate. Provide an example of your creative work. Communicate skills with industry-standard software, not just Google. 

    Business & Commercial Awareness
    Understand the commercial realities affecting the organization, which includes awareness of the need for efficiency, cost-effectiveness, customer care and knowledge of the marketplace in which the company operates. Commercial awareness could be summed up as an interest in business and an understanding of the wider environment in which an organization operates: its customers, competitors, and suppliers. 

    Evidence: Do some research on the company or organization to which you are applying before you apply. Know some facts about them.