Replacement Pool

  • Old new pool Features:

    • 8-lane, 25-yard competition pool (75' x 60') 
    • 6.5' deep at starting blocks, 4' deep at shallow end
    • Dive well (60’x40'), 2 diving boards; may also function as practice lanes
    • Allows for water polo matches
    • Improved warm-water therapy pool
    • Increased spectator seating
    • Parking adjacent to pool for easy accessibility
    • 50-year lifespan 


    • USA Swim compliant; able to host meets and competitions
    • Safe and secure; controlled access to the school 
    • Venue for community swim lessons and other water safety activities 
    • Open for community use, attractive to prospective facility renters

    Spectator seating: 400 (approximately) 

    Estimated cost: $30 million


    Current Pool

    • Current condition: Pool has outlived its useful life and is functionally outdated; uneven, settling floors; an older boiler; cracks in the pool; an inoperable warm-water pool, an inoperable diving platform; the pool is not competition compliant to host meets or water polo

    • Year built: 1969 (modernized in 1985)

    • Spectator seating: 220