• Old New Gym Phase 2: Replacement Gym with Auxiliary Gym and Enhanced Athletic Facilities


    • Increased capacity to accommodate 1,800 seats with current ADA compliant seating
    • College-sized court, conducive for hosting tournaments 
    • Allows for partitioning to provide two full-sized courts
    • 50-year life span


    • Resource-efficient footprint
    • Location allows for maximum site usage for SHS replacement
    • Provides sufficient locker rooms for school teams and visiting teams
    • Areas for wrestling, a fitness center, and sports medicine facilities 
    • Parking adjacent to gym for easy accessibility to athletic events 
    • Aesthetically pleasing view from Main Street 
    • Available for rentals; enhanced security of facility with controlled access to the school  

    Square footage: 46,800 (approximately) 

    Seating capacity: 1,800 (approximately)

    Estimated cost: $18.4 million


    Current Gym

    • Current condition: Aging facility, too small for student population; increasing capacity would require substantial structural revisions

    • Year built: 1992

    • Square footage: 35,000

    • Seating capacity: 1,200