• Phase 1 and 2

Phase 2: Feb. 2020 Bond

  • One project from the Capital Projects Bond is the buildout of Sumner High School -- Phase 2 Replacement -- which includes a replacement performing arts center, gym and pool.

    Sumner High School Phase 2 Replacement: Key Features

    • Increased safety and security
      • Decreased points of entry
      • Clear line of sight throughout the building axises 
      • Compact design for increased supervision 
      • Wider hallways for increased student circulation
    • Classrooms built with career-connected learning in mind
      • Specialized and flexible classroom designs to adapt to current and future student interests and industry needs, such as STEM and healthcare
      • Increased real-world learning experiences that connect students to meaningful and well-paying jobs
      • Agricultural science spaces that include state-of-the-art, hands-on equipment
    • Performing arts center
      • Replaces the 40-year-old facility, which is in need of substantial, costly repairs
      • Tablet arm seating to accommodate school-wide testing and instruction  
      • Physical connection to performing arts classrooms and instruction 
    • Gym 
      • Replaces undersized space, not designed to host large events or to provide accessible seating 
      • Larger size compatible for tournaments with increased seating to accommodate student body and sports spectators
      • Built to meet ADA accessibility standards 

    • Pool 
      • Replaces 50-year-old pool that has outlived its expected life, with conditions and operations that are not repairable. 
      • Continued use by the District’s swim and dive teams
      • Open to the community for swimming lessons and other recreational activities 

Phase 1: Feb. 2016 Bond

  • In progress using 2016 bond dollars; anticipated completion 2022

    • New commons
    • New library
    • New kitchen/cafeteria
    • New additional classrooms
    • Associated student services (technology, security, restrooms)


     Phase 1 SHS

Phase 1 and 2

  • SHS Master Plan