Prop 2: Capital Projects Bond

  • Room to Learn

    Funds the buildout (Phase 2 Replacement) of Sumner High School, including a performing arts center, gym and pool; purchase of land for a future middle school, and turf and lighted field in Tehaleh.


    Bond Projects

    Sumner High School Phase 2 Replacement* SHS Entry Phase 2

    • Increased safety and security
      • Decreased points of entry
      • Clear line of sight throughout the building axises 
      • Compact design for increased supervision 
      • Wider hallways for increased student circulation
    • Classrooms built with career-connected learning in mind
      • Specialized and flexible classroom designs to adapt to current and future student interests and industry needs, such as STEM and healthcare
      • Increased real-world learning experiences that connect students to meaningful and well-paying jobs
      • Agricultural science spaces that include state-of-the-art, hands-on equipment
    • Performing arts center
      • Tablet arm seating to accommodate school-wide testing and instruction  
      • Physical connection to performing arts classrooms and instruction 
      • Replaces the 40-year-old facility, which is in need of substantial, costly repairs
    • Gym 
      • Larger size compatible for tournaments with increased seating to accommodate student body and sports spectators
      • Built to meet ADA accessibility standards 
      • Replaces undersized space, not designed to host large events or to provide accessible seating 
    • Pool 
      • Continued use by the District’s swim and dive teams
      • Open to the community for swimming lessons and other recreational activities 
      • Replaces 50-year-old pool that has outlived its expected life, with conditions and operations that are not repairable. 


    Mountain Land for future middle school

    By 2030, we’re projected to have an approximate 15 percent growth in middle school-aged students with an expected nearly 4,000 new housing units located primarily in the Tehaleh area.


    New turf and lighted field on land to be acquired in Tehaleh

    The District’s fields are in high demand. We’re unable to accommodate all field requests. All-weather turf and lights will allow for year-round use by students and the community.


    * Sumner High School Phase 1:
    In progress using 2016 bond dollars; anticipated completion 2022

    • New commons
    • New library
    • New kitchen/cafeteria
    • New additional classrooms
    • Associated student services (technology, security, restrooms)

    Bonds are for Building

    Capital construction bonds fund construction or remodeling of schools, system upgrades, and safety and security.

    • Bonds fund the building and modernization of schools
    • Bonds are financed over a long period of time, typically 20 years
    • Bond dollars cannot pay for classroom teachers, staff, programs or day-to-day support and expenses
    • Requires 60+ percent voter approval to pass


    2016 Bond Projects

    We thank our voters who passed a $145.6 million Capital Construction Bond in 2016. Since then, we’ve been hard at work on construction projects located throughout every region of the District. 

    Through community support, here’s what you helped build: 

    • New Tehaleh Heights Elementary (Completed)
    • Bonney Lake High School (Completed)
    • Performing Arts Center 
    • Covered stadium seating 
    • Security vestibule 
    • New stairwell
    • Lecture hall remodel 
    • New Sumner Early Learning Center (Completed)
    • Sumner Middle School Track & Field Upgrades (Completed)
    • Lakeridge Middle School Track & Field Upgrades (Completed) 
    • Emerald Hills Elementary: Replacement (Anticipated completion: November 2019)
    • Mountain View Middle School: Expansion and Track & Field Upgrade (Planning phase)
    • Sumner High School: Modernization and Expansion (Planning phase)
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