Employee Passwords

  • Need to retrieve and/or change your password?  Read below for more info!

    STEP 1:  Visit https://iforgot.sumnersd.org 

    STEP 2:  Landing Page: Users will be presented with four options.

    1. Enroll: First time users need to click here to enroll in the iforgot user system.  If you have trouble enrolling, contact Tech Services at 891-6111 for assistance
    2. Forgot my Password: Users can reset their own password by answering their security questions. Users must be enrolled in order to use this option. If the user has not enrolled and does not remember his or her password, then it must be reset by Tech Services.
    3. Change password: Users may change their password. Users must enter their previous password in order to do so.

    Landing page

    STEP 3:  Follow the steps below associated with enrolling, changing or retrieving  your password.



    Enrollment Steps:

    1.  Users must first login.

    • If A user has forgotten his or her password and has not enrolled then the password should be reset so that the user can enroll.
    • If the user is already enrolled then he or she may re-enroll to change his or her security questions.

    2.  Users then select three security questions and provide answers to these questions.

    • These answers are encrypted and are not recoverable. If a user forgets his or her answers then his or her password must be reset and the user should re-enroll.

    Enroll 1  Enroll 2  Enroll 3  Enroll 4


    Forgot my Password

    Password Reset Steps:

    • Users provide their username
    • Users answer their three security questions
    • Users then set their new password.

    Forgot1  Forgot2  Forgot3


    Password Change

    Password Change Steps:

    1. Users login to their account with their current password.
    2. Users then set their new password.

    Change 1  Change 2