Key Accomplishments for 2019-20 school year: 

    • Active shooter: Adopted new Standard Response Protocol safety plan; planned training
    • Lahar: Established plan for consistent and expanded evacuation drills; planned participation in newly-formed regional lahar response team
    • Transportation: Researched bus behavior expectations, and management practices and systems


    May 2019

    Safety Advisory Committee narrows focus

    In an effort to increase the effectiveness of addressing student safety, the District’s newly-formed Safety Advisory Committee has met twice this spring on March 11 and April 22.

    The 35-member committee, comprising district staff, students, families, community members and first responders, discussed safety-related topics and ranked them in order of importance for more detailed exploration. Three subcommittees have been formed to further discuss Active Shooter, Lahar and Transportation.

    At the April 22 meeting, subcommittees shared a high-level summary of their discussions:

    Active Shooter

    • Learned about an online system that provides information to first responders, such as blueprints, geographical footprint and school staff
    • Discussed how mental health affects the safety of our students and the potential for active shooters
    • Identified three areas of focus 1) Staff/student training, 2) Parent communication, and 3) Parent reunification

    active shooter


    • Viewed maps of the two possible evacuation routes, bus resources and traffic control
    • Looking at a lahar event as a more regional approach with community assistance at the evacuation destination
    • Discussed keeping one location for District evacuation route for easier and more effective use of resources and reunification



    • Discussed the need to ensure all students are safe both physically and emotionally
    • Discussed a need for district-wide systems for data collection, communication and continual teaching of expectations
    • Discussed the need to ensure that schools and the Transportation Department are working collaboratively and have identified roles



    2019-20 School Year

    • Nov. 4
    • Dec. 9
    • Jan. 6
    • Remainder of meetings canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions

    2018-19 School Year (first year formed)

    • March 11
    • April 22
    • May 13
    • June 10


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