• January 2019 GOLDEN APPLE: Eileen Yoshina

    Posted by SBLSD on 1/16/2019

    At the Jan. 16 board meeting, the School Board and Superintendent Dent honored Eileen Yoshina with a Golden Apple Community Partner Award. As Manager of Equity in Education Services at the Puget Sound Educational Service District, Eileen helps District leaders explore and embrace equity as part of our districtwide, multi-year Equity Initiative. We thank Eileen for her skills, heart and passion in this important equity work for the District as a consultant, trainer, guide and counselor.

    eileen yoshina and school board

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  • November 2018 GOLDEN APPLE: Ron Haines

    Posted by SBLSD on 11/8/2018

    The School Board and Superintendent Dent honored Ron Haines with November’s Golden Apple Community Partner Award. Ron is a dedicated community member who serves in many volunteer roles within our District and community, using his rich and diverse employment history, as well as his heart and compassion for youth, into everything he does.  

    Ron’s primary focus and mission is for all of our students to graduate with skills, knowledge and a plan for life after high school.  

    Here are just a few ways that Ron has taken leadership roles with District projects:


    • Sumner-Bonney Lake Pathways System: Council member with a commitment to helping students understand what they are learning, why it’s important, and how they might use their knowledge and skills after high school.
    • Career and Technical Education Volunteer: Served on advisory councils, volunteered as a career day speaker and generated internship opportunities.
    • Communities For Families: Youth forum facilitator, who not only listened to students, but helped them act on ideas and strategies to make our community and schools stronger.
    • Elhi Hill High School Program Rotary Interact Club: Club advisor, who worked with staff to create an Interact Club for a youth leadership activity that Elhi Hill students could take pride in.

    Ron Haines with School Board

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