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  • Sumner High School Expansion Phase 1: 7/22/20

    Posted by SBLSD on 7/22/2020

    Progress continues on several aspects of the Phase 1 Expansion of Sumner High School! Here’s the latest on this 2016 Bond project, which is on schedule for completion in Fall 2022:

    • Removing 8 portable classrooms and 2 office trailers, making way for 36 parking stalls to be added back in the North Lot for use when school starts.
    • Dry weather is allowing us to now complete work on the District-own vacant lots around SHS. Finishing work includes filling in foundations and final site stabilization.
    • The City of Sumner is reviewing parking lot plans for the vacant lot next to the Elhi Hill High School Program on Meeker Street across from SHS. With this parking lot expansion, a total of 53 parking stalls will serve both Elhi Hill and SHS.
    • Value engineering study is complete. The construction team will present implementation and design development plans to the School Board on Aug. 19. A link to the virtual board meeting will be posted online at least 24 hours prior to the meeting on the “agendas & minutes” page.

    Image of portable removal

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  • Mountain View Middle School: 7/20/20

    Posted by SBLSD on 7/20/2020

    This summer weather is perfect for allowing us to make substantial progress on Mountain View Middle School Track & Field Upgrades. We’re on schedule to complete the 2016 Capital Construction Bond project this fall. Here’s where we’re at: 

    • Drainlines and gravel base have been installed on the south half of the field

    • Excavation is complete for the retaining wall and wall base on the north end of the field 

    • Electrical conduit is being run from the building to the field to power the field lights

    image of construction

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  • Mountain View Middle School: 6/5/20

    Posted by SBLSD on 6/5/2020

    At the June 2 board meeting, the School Board received a presentation on the Mountain View Middle School Expansion and Modernization Project. The presentation included project background, prior concepts, proposed concepts and next steps. 

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  • Construction Update: 5/21/20

    Posted by SBLSD on 5/21/2020

    Mountain View Middle School: Track & Field Upgrades

    Behind-the-scenes work (analyses, studies, surveys and permitting) on Mountain View Middle School’s Track & Field Upgrade project has been taking place for quite some time. Now, all will be able to see visible work on the project with bulldozers and other equipment on the site to begin construction. The School Board awarded the construction contract to Specialized Landscaping with work to begin immediately.

    A 2016 Construction Bond project, Mountain View’s track and field will feature a regulation-sized, eight-lane track and a turf field that will be striped for football, soccer and lacrosse, with a new shot put area in an adjacent small grassy field. LED lighting will be installed for year-round use. Other features include new soccer goals, hurdles, field benches and spectator bleachers. Anticipated completion is Fall 2020.

    Sumner High School: Expansion Phase 1 

     Work on Sumner High School Expansion Phase 1 continues moving forward on time and on budget, using funds from the 2016 Construction Bond. Anticipated completion is Fall 2022. Here’s a roundup of progress associated with the Expansion Phase 1 project:

    • Schematic Design for Phase 1 is complete. The design will soon be presented to the School Board for formal acceptance. School Board meetings and agendas
    • Demolition of 13 vacant, District-owned houses around SHS is complete. In about a month, or when the weather dries, fill and grading will be completed to prepare for construction associated with Phase 1. 
    • Expansion of the Meeker Avenue parking lot, located at the Elhi Hill High School Program site across from SHS, is designed and in the permitting process. This will add 26 parking stalls for a total of 53 stalls to serve both Elhi Hill and SHS. The parking lot expansion also includes landscaping and fencing.


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  • Mountain View MS construction contract awarded

    Posted by SBLSD on 5/6/2020


    At the May 5 meeting, the School Board awarded the general construction contract for the construction of Mountain View Middle School's Track & Field Improvements project to Specialized Landscaping, Inc.  |  Resolution No. 23/19-20

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  • Construction Update: 4/30/20

    Posted by SBLSD on 4/30/2020

    Official completion: The School Board passed two resolutions on April 22 marking final, official acceptance and completion of two school construction projects. 

    • Tehaleh Heights Elementary: Commissioning Report and Final Acceptance of Construction Completion
    • Sumner Early Learning Center: Final Acceptance of Construction Completion

    While both schools have been open for quite some time (THE: September 2018, SELC: September 2019), the process to ensure the buildings operate according to the terms and conditions of the contract typically go beyond the school’s opening in order to verify the performance of facilities and systems.

    Sumner High School Expansion Phase 1: As the schematic design for Phase 1 is wrapping up, our team will put the design through a value engineering process, in which an independent consultant reviews the current design concepts to identify potential opportunities for cost effectiveness and efficiency, and to identify alternatives that might offer cost benefits or improve project quality.

    The completed schematic design and the value engineering recommendations will then be presented to the School Board, as well as the District’s recommendation for which value engineering measures to adopt. Dates for School Board presentation have not yet been determined.

    Mountain View Middle School Track & Field: Bids for the Track & Field Upgrades, which will include lights, were opened on April 24, with a recommendation to the School Board for a contract award expected in early May. This project is on schedule for opening in Fall 2020. 

    Emerald Hills Elementary Replacement: 

    • Demolition of the old Emerald Hills building is complete, with some asphalt left to move offsite. The District salvaged what could be reused from inside the old building, including lighting, plumbing, locks, technology, furniture and more. 
    • Contractors have been grading the site, installing new sidewalks, a student drop off loop and a right turn approach into the main entry. Families will enjoy a larger area for the drop off and pick up, along with additional parking. 
    • Striping of new lanes on South Tapps Drive and West Tapps Highway is scheduled to begin soon. Crews continue with landscaping for preparation of grass and shrubs to complete the new school frontage. Boring has also begun along West Tapps Highway to begin the process of undergrounding power from two poles.

     For updates on all construction projects, click "projects" to the left.

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  • Construction Update: 4/3/20

    Posted by SBLSD on 4/3/2020

    Sumner High School Phase 1

    • Schematic design is nearly complete. What’s a schematic design? It’s a plan that details the scope, budget and schedule of the project, and includes descriptions of the building’s structural, mechanical, electrical systems, and interior and exterior materials. Next step: Request bids for value engineering analysis, which identifies potential cost savings.

    • Demolition of 13 vacant, District-owned houses near SHS is complete. Next step: Add fill to the vacant lots when the weather improves and the sites are dry.

    Sumner Middle School: New netting has been installed on the baseball fields for safety.

    Mountain View Middle School Track & Field Upgrades: Bids for construction will go out later this month. Anticipated completion: Fall 2020.


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  • 1/6/20: New Emerald Hills Elementary Replacement open for instruction and learning

    Posted by SBLSD on 1/6/2020

    Our Lakers came back from winter break in the new Emerald Hills Elementary! More than 500 students enjoyed their first day of learning inside the new state-of-the-art school, which was built with STEM education in mind. We thank our voters, who made this 2016 Capital Bond project possible!

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  • New Emerald Hills Elementary anticipated to open late fall

    Posted by SBLSD on 8/1/2019

    While significant progress has been made on the Emerald Hills Elementary Replacement Project, the District anticipates a delay in its completion. Emerald Hills students will begin the 2019-20 school year in the old building.

    The District is working closely with construction contractor Andy Johnson & Co and our design team to determine an official occupancy and open date, which is likely to occur in late fall.

    Approximately 85 percent complete, the new state-of-the-art 55,000 square-foot building has interactive, touchscreen monitors in each classroom, a STEM classroom, classrooms with ample storage, shared learning spaces in each wing, outdoor learning spaces, and other unique features that reflect the Emerald Hills community.

    Final work that requires more time includes completion of the interior trim and system integration (heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting and access controls, etc.), and setting up and configuring the District network and classroom interactive technology.

    Find updates on the Emerald Hills Elementary Replacement project and other construction projects at

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  • East Pierce Fire & Rescue to use vacant homes near SHS for training

    Posted by SBLSD on 7/22/2019

    Timeline for vacant homes near SHS

    • Fire Department Training: Summer/Fall 2019
    • Demolition: Late Fall 2019/Winter 2020
    • Elhi Hill High School Program Relocation: Late Fall 2019/Winter 2020
    • SHS Modernization & Expansion: TBD


    • Sumner-Bonney Lake School District has acquired 12 vacant houses near Sumner High School on Mason St, Wood Ave and Meeker Ave.
    • The District will use this land to modernize and expand the Sumner High School campus and provide a permanent location for Elhi Hill High School Program.
    • Prior to demolishing the vacant houses, the District is partnering with East Pierce Fire & Rescue to provide valuable training opportunities for new cadets.


    Fire Department Use

    Who: East Pierce Fire & Rescue
    What: Cadet training
    When: Training may begin the week of July 15 and last into the fall. Dates and times will vary.
    Where: Vacant houses likely used for training:

    • 1101 Wood Ave
    • 908 Meeker Ave
    • 1416 Mason St
    • 1424 Mason St

    How: Training may include: hose/ladder placement, entry techniques, hot spot locating, etc. Artificial smoke may be used at various times. Houses will not be burned.


    School District Use

    What: Twelve District-owned vacant houses (addresses below) will be demolished. The houses, in various stages of disrepair, are unable to be moved. Material from the houses will be salvaged or disposed in an environmentally responsible manner to the extent possible.

    • 1101 Wood Ave
    • 1111 Wood Ave
    • 908 Meeker Ave
    • 914 Meeker Ave
    • 1412 Mason St
    • 1416 Mason St
    • 1420 Mason St
    • 1424 Mason St
    • 1428 Mason St
    • 1432 Mason St
    • 1434 Mason St
    • 1506 Mason St

    Why: Allow for the modernization and expansion of SHS and provide a permanent location for Elhi Hill High School Program.


    • Demolition: Fall/Winter 2019
    • Elhi Hill High School Program Relocation: Fall/Winter 2019 SHS Modernization/Expansion: TBD

    Note: Dates, times, duration and locations are subject to change. 

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