Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

  • Student records are private by law

    Federal law prohibits school districts from releasing information found in student files without parent/guardian permission, except for what is called directory information. Directory information may be released under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). The District does not release directory information for commercial purposes.

    Families can tell the school and district to keep directory information private

    Parents/guardians of students under age 18 and students who are over 18 have the right to tell the District and its schools to keep directory information private. 

    What is directory information? Directory information includes:

    Home address  
    Telephone number(s)  
    Parent/guardian names  
    Grade level
    Dates of Enrollment (dates of attendance/recent or previous schools)
    Student ID
    Network User ID
    Email addresses
    Degrees and awards received
    Participation in officially recognized activities and sports
    Weight and height of members of athletic teams

    Keeping directory information private

    If you complete the SBLSD Directory Information Withholding Form, your child’s directory information will not be disclosed to outside organizations, the military, institutions of higher education or used in any communication that could reach the public or media.
    For example:
    • A press release or media story (newspaper, radio or television) on an award, play or class project
    • District newsletter to all parents and/or staff
    • Publications directed at district staff members
    • Video shown to teachers from other schools within the district
    • School video shown at a school board meeting open to the public
    • Student or PTSA directory
    • School yearbook
    • Graduation program
    • School newsletter
    • The school’s website, district website or social media
    • Military recruiters’ rosters
    • Email mailing lists for PTSA communications
    If you do not want your student’s directory information released, please complete and sign the SBLSD Directory Information Withholding Form and return it to your child's school or District Office.