School District Name Change

  • Frequently Asked Questions


    Q: Why is the district changing its name now?

    A: The name change has been a topic of discussion for several years now. Earlier this year, the idea of changing our name to better reflect the communities the district represents was discussed by the board starting in February and at a public hearing on April 12.

    Following state law and with additional input and discussions from community partners, citizens and other leaders, the school board voted to change the name at its Sept. 20 school board meeting.


    Q: When will the name change be effective?

    A: In accordance with state law, the new name will be effective after re-naming processes with the state are complete. To minimize cost impacts, the district will gradually phase in the cost of printed materials, signage and other materials, as supplies run out.


    Q: Won’t the name change cost a lot of money?

    A: The school board is committed to putting dollars in the classroom and funding educational expenses first and foremost.

    Because most district materials are digital (website, social media, letterhead, etc.), cost changes will be minimal. The board also instructed the district to phase in the new name, so business cards, forms and other printed materials will be replaced with the new name as supplies run out.


    Q: I attended the public hearing and most people testified in opposition to the name change. Why were these comments ignored?

    A: The school board listened carefully to all the comments and input, from the public meeting and social media posts to discussions with leaders in both cities and neighbors across the district.

    Change, we understand, can be difficult.

    Our elected school board, which represents voters, community partners, civic organizations and families from throughout the district, believes the name change is fitting. Not only does it reflect the geographic makeup of the district, but it also recognizes the significant partnership from Bonney Lake – its elected officials, citizens, civic organizations and leaders.

    The school board wanted the name to honor the rich and important history of Sumner, and this new name does that.


    Q: There are other school districts that represent multiple areas and communities. Why did Sumner School District think it needed to change its name?

    A: Sumner School District is unique. It has grown from a small district located in one city to a much larger school district where most of the families and facilities are now located in another city.

    The school district is also supported and strengthened by its many community partnerships. The City of Bonney Lake, from its elected officials and leaders to civic organizations and citizens, has been a significant partner. The school board felt it important to recognize this longstanding and significant commitment.

    The new name reflects our growth, while also honoring our history and founding heritage.


    Q: Doesn’t the school district have better things to do with its time and money than focus on a name change?

    A: The top priority of the school board and every district employee is educating our kids. That will never change.

    The elected school board members, which represent the entire area served by the district, believes the name change is appropriate. It honors the history and tradition of the school district, while also reflecting the geographic makeup of the district today and for years to come.