Pool Information

  • The Sumner High School pool closed to the public 2011. Since then, District and community swim teams have continued to use the pool. 
    SBLSD Pool Status

    The District continues to research short-term solutions for the pool. With the unexpected, yet critical, review of the Sumner High School expansion and modernization project, the District is taking a momentary pause on finalizing a short-term solution pending the outcome of the SHS Task Force recommendation.

    Please keep in mind:

    • Committed to swim & dive program: The District recognizes the value of continuing to provide students with a variety of extra-curricular activities, including swim and dive. The connection between participation in activities and increased academic achievement is real, in addition to meeting critical social and emotional needs of many students.
    • SHS Pool: We’re hopeful that the approximate six-month review of the Sumner High School expansion and modernization project will further study the pool’s maintenance and future. The SHS Task Force will be looking at both short- and long-term options for the SHS project, including the entire campus. The District will accept SHS Task Force applications in late February/early March.
    • Pool in Bonney Lake: While continuing to maintain a strong partnership with the City of Bonney Lake, the District understands there are a number of steps for the City to evaluate planning for a future recreational facility, which includes master planning for the Mid-Town Park as a whole, an aquatics feasibility study and development of a funding plan for construction and operation of an aquatics facility.  

    We will keep the public informed during the Task Force’s work on the Sumner High School expansion and modernization project. A timeline for communication will be developed after the Task Force is formed.

    We value the support and partnership of those in our pool and swim program community in coming up with both short- and long-term solutions that work for student athletes to thrive in our swim and dive program.



    SBLSD pool to remain open through fall 2019 swim season

    The Sumner-Bonney Lake School District is able to keep its pool open through the fall 2019 swim season in light of the School Board’s direction to further review, study, and evaluate the Sumner High School expansion and modernization project relating to current state and local circumstances.

    Once slated for closure after the 2018-19 school year, the pool can now remain open several months longer due to changes in the timeline for Sumner High School’s expansion and modernization project.

    While the pool’s closure is imminent, the District understands the importance of and stands committed to offering an alternative location for swim practices when the time comes.

    A more definitive timeline for the pool closure is likely to come during the summer of 2019 after  School Board direction following completion of the review, study and evaluation of the expansion and modernization project.

    The District will keep you posted as review and study of the Sumner High School construction project progresses.

     If you have questions about the pool that aren't addressed here and/or if you'd like to be added to an email list to receive communication about the Sumner High School pool status, transition and future, email the Communications Office. 

    • At the March 15, 2017, School Board meeting, the Board voted unanimously to adopt Resolution No. 23/16-17 authorizing the district to enter into an agreement with the City of Bonney Lake to construct, maintain, operate and schedule use of an aquatics facility.