Referral Information

  • All District Highly Capable Referral Period: Tuesday, November 14 - Thursday, December 8, 2023

    Does your child perform at significantly advanced academic levels when compared with others? Consider referring them for Highly Capable Services by submitting a referral during the November 14 - Thursday, December 8 window. Referral forms will be available using the link below. Paper packets will be available at the District Office.  

    Learning characteristics could include:

    • Analytical thinker
    • Accelerated learner
    • Advanced language speaker
    • Self-motivated

    Upon referral, testing will be held during the months of January and February. Test scores will be reviewed to determine eligibility and families will be notified by March.  

    Referral period closes on Dec. 8. Late referrals will not be accepted.  

    Please note: Second and fifth grade students will participate in a Highly Capable Universal Screener in the fall, and therefore do not need to be referred to be considered for services. 

    If you have questions about the referral/testing process or about the Highly Capable program, please contact Allison Sheldon at (253) 891-6061or via email at

    Referral link (English):

    Referral link (Spanish):