Online Resources

  • Digital Tools and Online Resources for Learning

    This year students will be accessing a variety of digital resources on their Chromebooks during the school day and at home. Below is information that summarizes the digital tools and resources your student may use with information on how to access each resource.

    English Language Arts: Grades 9-12  (with the exception of some AP and IB classes)


    This year students can access both a physical copy and an online version of the HMH Collections textbook.  To access the online version students should  visit  Each student will receive login information from their Language Arts teacher and the student can reset a password at any time if forgotten.  Students can also access helpful videos, supplementary texts, practice activities and online writer’s workshop tutorials.  


    For those times when an internet connection is unavailable, students can still access online course materials through the HMH Player App installed on each Chromebook.  For example, if a student knew that they wanted to complete an assigned reading while riding the bus home from school, they could download it quickly at the end of the class period and read it on the bus while not connected to Wi-Fi or the internet.  Each student will receive detailed instruction regarding how to use this feature.


    Mathematics: Algebra 1 and Geometry

    This year, students can access a PDF version of their math textbook through the Student Dashboard for the following courses:

    • Algebra 1 (Glencoe)
    • Geometry (Glencoe)

    These are only PDF versions of the textbooks and do not include links to videos or other resources. Students will still receive a textbook for checkout in case they do not have internet access at home. There is no online PDF for Algebra 2 at this time.


    To access the textbooks, students should sign in through their Google Sign-On page. There is a new block on the student dashboard called “Math Textbooks.”  This will allow students to load any math textbook and the chapter needed:


    First, the student will need to select from the following math books:


    Next, the student will need to select the chapter they want to load by selecting the pulldown for "Please choose a PDF."


    After selecting the appropriate chapter, the student can click on the “Load PDF” button which will load the corresponding chapter in a new tab:

    Throughout the year, teachers will share valuable and engaging online resources to enhance learning.  Please continue to ask your student about the online tools they are using.


    If you have any questions, please be sure to contact your student’s classroom teacher.  We are looking forward to a great year of learning!