Goal 4: Resource Management

  • Sumner Middle School

    We will be responsible stewards of public funds by efficiently and effectively allocating district resources wisely.



    • Open and maintain new, renovated and current facilities on time/budget and consistently communicate plan progress

    • Manage the district finances to maximize student opportunities.  Obtain public input for the budgeting process, and annually modify/align programs to meet anticipated revenue and expenditures. 

    • Maximize efficiences, use and access of technology through contracts and partnerships

    • Implement a robust recruiting effort with competitive compensation and benefits packages while providing effective professional development for current staff

    • Optimize energy resources district-wide and communicate energy consumption/savings highlighting trends



    • Facilities: Bond-related projects and facilities maintenance/improvement plan progress

    • Finance: Fiscally-responsible, publically-accessible, easy-to-understand budgets

    • Technology: Efficiency/access audits and server updates

    • Human Resources: Number of unfilled positions. Staff attendance/satisfaction of professional development.

    • Environmental Sustainability: Reduction in ongoing operating costs in relation to energy use