Goal 3: Partnerships

  • Partners and kids

    We will engage parents, community partners and staff to support quality education for all students by motivating and empowering active participation, a spirit of involvement and a culture of mutual respect.



    • Include representatives from all stakeholder groups in decision-making processes

    • Host information sessions for parents on reading and/or math

    • Honor all cultures by producing material in native languages

    • Develop a user-friendly volunteer application process

    • Expand partnerships with early learning providers, colleges and universities to support staff needs

    • Develop partnerships with higher education institutions that offer alternative route to teacher certification in hard to fill content areas



    • Volunteers: Registered volunteers at each school and district-wide

    • Partners: Number of business, community and higher education institution partners

    • Families: Participation in Climate Survey and attitudes beliefs in areas of collaboration/communication. Use of Sumner/Bonney Lake Family Center to access health and human service resources.

    • Staff: Participation in Climate Survey