Goal 2: Safety

  • Students wearing safety goggles

    We will create and maintain physically- and emotionally-safe learning environments that support the social, emotional and academic excellence of every child.



    • Sustain focus on the whole child (academic, social, emotional and physical development)

    • Deliver instruction and intervention to students based on their level of need (Multi-Tiered Systems of Support)

    • Use a team approach built on collaboration and shared responsibility

    • Use a behavior-based curriculum with fidelity to proactively support all students

    • Examine and strengthen district practices for safety and security



    • Physical Safety: Safety drills, parent reunification practices, facility assessments, bond-related safety improvements

    • Social-Emotional Learning: Student use of behavior tools, strategies and practices in the classroom

    • Discipline: Percent of students with suspensions or expulsions

    • Attendance: Average daily attendance district-wide

    • Climate Survey: Student survey completion and attitudes/beliefs

    • Extra-Curricular Activity: Participation, academic performance, character/leadership, behavior