Digital Device Coverage Program

  • The Digital Device Coverage Program is optional and provides an inexpensive solution for families, students and staff to lessen the financial burden if an accident or theft occurs.
    Students and staff may choose not to participate in the Digital Device Coverage Program, but will be fully responsible for any associated cost for damage or theft. The Digital Device Coverage Program will cover one school year and is non‐refundable. Students and staff receiving a device after March 1st of each calendar year will be eligible for prorated coverage.


    You can purchase assurance at the following online payment center.



    NOTE: Do not purchase student coverage using your staff login. Staff who are parents of students in the district must log in using their parent family access login.

    Web address:


    Click on your name
    Click on “Items at Student’s School / Items at District”
    Click on “Electronic Device Coverage”
    Click “buy”


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