Summer School

  • Sumner School District offers an online summer school program at Sumner High School every summer.  This five-week program is for Sumner School District students who would like to recover up to one high school credit, or for students who wish to take a 0.5 initial credit class in order to move ahead or free up a class period during the school year for an additional class. Our goal is success for all students!

    Initial credit courses are for students entering grades 8-11 who are taking a course for the first time or who would like to improve a grade in a course previously completed.

    Credit recovery courses are for students entering grades 10-12 or for seniors who did not graduate and have already failed to earn a credit in a particular class. A diagnostic assessment given at the beginning of the course will help indicate what standards the student has previously met, and what skills still need to be practiced and demonstrated. Based on the results of the diagnostic assessment, the assignments in the course will be modified.
    Meet with your school counselor to decide which courses are right for you, or contact Dawn Palumbo, Instructional Services Secretary, at (253) 891-6065.