• Career and Technical Education (CTE) supports young adults as they develop as students, workers and lifelong learners. CTE prepares students for a range of careers, requiring varying levels of education, from high school to postsecondary certificates to two- and four-year college degrees. It's high school and college education that provides students with:
    In Sumner-Bonney Lake, Personalized Pathways are developing to include all curricular areas. They help guide students' course selections and future planning. This planning begins in middle school and continues to be expanded or changed throughout high school. Personalized Pathways allow a student to connect to life after high school by connecting curriculum to his/her own interests and skills.
    • Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
    • Arts, A/V Technology, & Communications
    • Business, Marketing & Administration
    • Health Sciences
    • Hospitality & Tourism
    • Human Services & Education
    • Information Technology
    • Skills Trades & Technical Sciences
    • STEM
    Additional information about educational planning is available at the SHS Career Center or OSPI website.

    Those interested in being part of the CTE Advisory Committee can find more information here


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