Fingerprint Information

  • The 1992 legislature passed ESHB 2518 which requires a state and national fingerprint background check for school employees with regularly scheduled unsupervised access to children. Fingerprint-based background checks help to safeguard children and maintain public confidence in the integrity of public and private K-12 education. OSPI works closely with schools, districts and educational service districts to make sure all K-12 students are safe from harm during the school day. Their collective diligence demands that the background of all new school employees be looked into before joining the K-12 education community.

    Educational Service Districts (ESD) have digital (live scan) fingerprint machines. Live scan technology takes high-quality prints by scanning the fingers of both hands and creating a digital image. The electronic scanner is easy to use and eliminates the need to ink your fingerprints onto a special card. The addition of digital technology to the fingerprint process means no mail, not extra trips and no waits. Digital fingerprinting streamlines a key step in the background check process.

    Following being fingerprinted, return the completed Fingerprint Verification Form to the Human Resources Office. You may not begin your conditional employment with Sumner School District until you have been given an interim clearance by the Washington State Patrol.

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