Athletic Participation Fees

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    Athletic Participation Fees
    Regular Fee Reduced Meals Fee* Free Meals Fee*
    6-8th Grade Athletic Fee, per season $70.00 $35.00 $17.50
    6-8th Grade Athletic Fee, full year $150.00 $75.00 $37.50
    7-8th Grade Tackle Football Participation Fee $95.00 $47.50 $23.75
    High School, up to two seasons $95.00 per season $47.50 per season $23.75 per season
    High School, third season $70.00 per season $35.00 per season $17.50 per season


    For a full listing of all user fees, including activity participation fees, link to the 2019-20 User Fee Schedule here.

    *Fee Adjustments for Low-Income Families:  Students qualifying for reduced and/or free meals may apply for reduced participation fees. If approved, those qualifying for reduced meals will pay 50% of the normal fee and those qualifying for free meals will pay 25% of the normal fee. Parents or students may contact a school counselor if additional financial assistance is needed as InvestEd funds may be available.