Elementary Services

  • Students will  acquire the attitude, knowledge and skills that contribute to academic, social/personal and career success.
    Professional guidance staff work in schools to:
    • Teach skills that help children succeed in school and in their personal life
    • Help resolve problems that interfere with student learning
    • Advocate for children and families and provide referrals for long term counseling
    • Provide privacy of information shared by parents and students in a safe and confidential environment


    Guidance Curriculum
    Provides classroom lessons in a systematic way to all students through large and small group activities.  Topics covered include bullying and harassment, social skills, skills for learning, conflict management, problem solving, and substance prevention curriculum.  The District also provides opportunities for parent classes/information.
    Individual Student Planning
    Assists students in monitoring and understanding their own educational development.
    Responsive Services 
    Addresses the immediate needs and concerns of those in our school community.  These services are available through short-term, individual counseling; consultation with parents and teachers; and referrals to community resources.
    System Support
    Includes activities that establish, maintain, and support the comprehensive guidance program which include staff development, collaboration and consultation with staff and parents, community outreach, managing data-driven program and professional development.