Inclement Weather Procedures

  • Winter may bring weather conditions that require school schedule delays or closure. Even when road conditions in the valley appear passable, bad weather on the hill often causes hazardous driving conditions and impact the district’s ability to operate buses safely. Safety for your child is our primary concern.
    • Normal school operations will prevail unless a change of schedule is announced.
    • Expect morning buses to be late during severe weather.
    • If buses cannot get up the hills on afternoon routes, students will be returned to their schools.
    • On 2-hour late start schedules:  breakfast and lunch will be served, no AM or PM Preschool or ECEAP.   Recreation Department before school childcare and full-day childcare will start 2-hours later.  No out-of-district transportation. No transportation to Elhi Hill and Pierce County Skills Center. All before school activities, athletics and extra-curricular events are canceled.
    Our goal is to make information available to families about school closure or changes in the school schedule by 5:30 a.m. Check the Web site, sign up to receive School Messages or call the Emergency Hotline (253) 891-6001 for updated information on school operations. Radio and television stations will be announcing schedule changes between 6 and 8 a.m. If Sumner School District is not mentioned, normal operations will prevail.

    schools open, limited transportation

    Schools open, limited transportation means schools will operate and buses will stop at all regular stops with the exception of these routes.

    schools closed

    Schools closed means schools will be closed for the day. All after school and evening activities will be canceled unless otherwise announced.

    wednesday late start mornings

    If there is inclement weather on Wednesday mornings and a schedule change is not announced, all bus routes and schools will operate on the Wednesday late start schedule.

    early dismissal and delayed start 

    In the event of a change in school operations due to inclement weather, information will be posted on the District Web site. Families may also receive e-mail notification through School Messages. The Emergency Hotline (253) 891-6001 will have recorded updates.

    emergency plans 

    Each family should have a plan covering what to do when children arrive home early due to an emergency or weather-related situation. Please develop a plan and practice it with your child. If you will not be home, instruct your child as to where he or she should go in the event of an early dismissal due to emergency conditions. What is the best route home if your child cannot be delivered to the normal bus stop? Where could your child go if he or she needed help? Who would care for him or her until you arrive? Is there someone your child could call to calm any concerns he or she might have?

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