Late Arrival & Early Dismissal

  • Because schools are held liable for student safety, any time a student arrives late to school or leaves early from school, he/she must check in and out through the main office. To excuse a late arrive/tardy or early dismissal, the guardian must call or send a note the day of the tardy or early dismissal (see excused absences). Students cannot be excused to leave campus and return for lunch. Students who do not check out properly will be considered truant and off campus.


    It is vital to a good education that students are in class on time. A student will be marked tardy if he/she arrives at the workstation after class begins. Excessive tardiness will be cause for disciplinary action. Teachers will notify parents/students if additional tardy expectations are in place. Tardiness may negatively affect the student’s grade in a particular class. A student who arrives 10 or more minutes after class begins is considered absent rather than tardy.


    Panther Attendance Workshop

    Students who are not in their 1st period class on time will be escorted to P.A.W. in the Student Services office where they will receive the appropriate progressive discipline for being tardy. Parents will be notified.