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  • The Sumner School District Online Learning Program is provided for self-motivated middle or high school students. Courses are provided through Fuel Education (formly Aventa Learning). To get started, make an appointment with a guidance counselor at your resident middle or high school. Let the guidance counselor know you are interested in enrolling as a full-time or part-time online student (if currently enrolled, part-time enrollment will require the building principal to approve a modified schedule).


    • Flexible Schedule: Learn when it's convenient for you. Never be tardy. Never be absent. Begin your studies-anytime, anywhere.
    • Mastery Learning: Redo assignments and retake tests if you don't met standard on your first try.
    • Maximize Your Time and Set Your Own Pace: Each course is designed to take about 45 calendar days, and you can progress faster or slower as your ambition and learning needs dictate. No more scrambling to catch up with the rest of the class or feeling frustrated because you were ready to move on last week. Your goal is to complete 12 online courses per year (6 full credits).
    • Get help when you need it: Your Fuel Education online teacher is available during the day (generally 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.) by phone, e-mail or cat to help you be successful.
    You can also call, e-mail, or visit your campus online learning manager in one of the high school buildings for help with organization, goal-setting, time-management, course selection, and registration.


    Fuel Education provides curriculum, teachers and instruction for online students. Choose 1 or 2 courses at a time. Starting in 9th grade, completing 6 full credits a year will allow you to earn a high school diploma in 4 years.
    • Login daily and make acceptable progress toward course completion. This means you should complete 16%, which is approximately 25 hours a week, of each course every week or make progress as determined by the written student learning plan.
    • Students need to make contact with their online manager a minimum of one hour a week. Full time and part time online students need to come in once a week by appointment.
    • Schedule time as needed with your online manager to come in and take one unit test and the final assessment for each course. Transportation of online students to either high school campus for testing or conferencing is your responsibility.
    • Participate in state assessments, including CBAs/CBPAs, MSP, HSPE, and mathematics and bioligy End of Course exams. Satisfactory completion of all Sumner School District credit requirements, including the advisory/culminating portfolio process, and any additional state requirements, will earn online students a BHS or SHS diploma s well as allow participation in the commencement ceremony if desired.



    High School Online Learning Application

    Middle School Online Learning Application 

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