• Elhi Hill Principal
    Gina Longland
    1518 Main St.
    Sumner, WA  98390
    Phone Number
    (253) 891-6520
    The Elhi Hill High School Program provides a caring environment for students who need services beyond the traditional school day and during the summer to meet state and district standards. Students who graduate from Elhi Hill receive a diploma from Bonney Lake or Sumner high school.
    • Active learning is documented daily, along
      with behavior and attendance.
    • Each month, EHP reports Alternative
      Learning Experience-funded students’
      progress to the state.
    • Students enrolled in classes at their home
      high school or Pierce County Skills Center
      (PCSC) for a half day are considered basic
      education students, not alternative learning
    • Transportation is provided to EHP, from
      home and/or from home high school, except
      on Wednesdays.
    • Transportation is provided to PCSC on
      Wednesdays and to EHP for a three-hour
    • Students meet with their assigned EHP
      Advisor every Thursday to discuss weekly
      progress, which includes attendance, active
      learning hours, progress and grades.
    • Progress is shared electronically with
      parents/guardians every week.