Learning Targets

  • A five-year old with these skills is READY! to succeed at school:
    • Enjoys being read to and can retell a story
    • Recognizes and names 10-15 alphabet letters and their sounds
    • Repeats beginning and ending sounds in words
    • Speaks in complete sentences
    • Prints his or her first name
    • Counts in order from 1 to 20
    • Recognizes number and quantities to 5
    • Names and sorts items by colors, shape and size
    • Understands concepts such as more, less, same, above, below, big and small
    • Settles into new groups or situations
    • Can concentrate on a task for 5 minutes
    • Follows simple directions
    • Shows kindness and concern for others
    Reading aloud 20 minutes a day helps your child master these skills.