Highly Capable

  • If your child qualifies for the Sumner School District Highly Capable program in early Spring, services would begin the following school year. Here is what you can expect:



    Kindergarten students are served at their home school in their currently assigned Kindergarten classroom. Early Learning research supports the idea that Kindergarten students best opportunities for growth and learning occur when they are placed in typical Kindergarten classrooms with all different types of peers. Kindergarten teachers are responsible for providing enhanced and/or accelerated learning opportunities for their Highly Capable students. These enhanced and/or accelerated learning opportunities can take many different forms, below are a few examples of what this MAY look like; flexible grouping for reading, math and/or integrated projects, opportunities for students to explore their interests through academic choice activities as well as focusing on creative, critical and evaluative thinking. Kindergarten students are nominated in the fall of their Kindergarten year and begin services in the Winter of that same school year.


    1st & 2nd grade students are served at their home schools. Schools that have 3 or more qualified Highly Capable students at each grade level will serve students using Cluster Groups. In Cluster Groups, 3-8 qualified Highly Capable students are placed together in the same classroom. Schools with fewer than 3 qualified Highly Capable students per grade level will use differentiated instruction presented by the classroom teacher.

    3rd-5th grade students are served in a “self-contained” all day program at one of our elementary schools with transportation to and from that school is provided. Students who choose to stay at their home school instead of the self-contained all day program, will be placed in Cluster Groups (see above) or will receive differentiated instruction from their classroom teacher.