Emergency Preparedness

  • The Sumner School District works in partnership with local law enforcement, public safety and county emergency management to prepare for emergency conditions in our schools. Each school has developed and implemented a comprehensive plan for responding to a variety of natural disasters and hazardous situations including earthquake, lahar, fire, bomb threat, and hazardous materials incidents. Staff and students practice appropriate responses including evacuation and shelter-in-place.

    Our system for managing school emergency situations provides students, staff and parents with a plan and a sense of security. Student safety is our focus and guides our decisions. Staff members have been assigned specific tasks they are responsible for during an emergency situation. Exhibiting leadership during a school evacuation or providing first aid are as important as communicating information to parents and organizing student relocation centers. Our facilities are equipped with emergency supplies, radios and equipment that may be necessary to shelter students for two or three days.


    • Be patient – we will communicate with you as quickly as possible.
    • Check the Web site or call the Emergency Hotline (253) 891-6001 for updates.
    • Please don’t call the school; it jams the phone lines.
    • Be patient – your child’s safety is our first priority!


    Take care not to become part of the problem by rushing to the school. More traffic just makes it difficult for emergency response teams.
    Keep emergency cards up-to-date with correct phone numbers and names of people authorized to pick up your children.

    All adults who are picking up children should remember to always bring photo identification.

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