Student & Family Guide

  • The Sumner School District Student and Family Information Guide is intended as a resource for students and families. It provides information regarding a variety of topics within the Sumner School District (SSD). Selected board policies and procedures as well as summaries of SSD guidelines are included.

    Details regarding school specific topics are available at individual school buildings. Additional information, complete School Board Policies and Procedures, and district forms can be found on the Sumner School District Web site.

    Rights & Responsibilities Policy 3200: The Sumner School District shall make available to each student and the parent or guardian of each student information regarding written rules and regulations related to student conduct, discipline, and rights. All students who attend the district's schools shall comply with the written policies, rules and regulations of the schools, shall pursue the required course of studies, and shall submit to the authority of staff of the schools, subject to such corrective action or punishment as the school officials shall determine.