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Newsletters are sent out to families via school messages.
All families should log into Family Access to update contact information and select preferred messages. Families can update email addresses and choose the phone number to which general and emergency messages will be sent (home, work or cell phone).  After logging into Family Access, click the Skylert link on the left-hand side.
  • LRE Principal's Update: Feb. 9

    Posted by Sarah Gillispie at 2/9/2017

    It's Good to Be Back in School


    It was great to see our students return to school on regular schedule today. We understand the last 3 days may have been inconvenient for many of our families and appreciate their understanding and support.


    We also take this opportunity to thank the Sumner School District M&O staff for their tireless efforts to address the volume of snow that accumulated, especially for the Bonney Lake area schools.


    We once again remind parents when driving into the school parking lot before and after school to drive slowly and be courteous. We have requested in weeks past that a Pierce County Deputy to be present to monitor. However, they have been able to assist periodically. We have reminded parents in multiple community emails since school began that everyone is responsible for student safety. There are 6 adults on duty every morning covering the following areas: crosswalk, parent drop off at the sidewalk, bus zone, and parking lot. They have their safety flags and have stopped many parents to remind them to slow down. 


    The street leading to the school, 209th, is a county road and school speed limit of 20 MPH applies when children are present.


    Please report any safety violations to our office as soon as possible. 

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  • LRE Newsletter: Jan. 27

    Posted by Sarah Gillispie at 1/27/2017

    Fun Events at Liberty Ridge

    This week we had a lot of celebrations and fun at LRE. We had a very special visitor to celebrate our kids who met goals for the fundraiser. Following his meet and greet, he joined us for our leadership assembly where he got a lot of laughs from everyone in attendance.  It was a lot of fun! Thanks PTO for arranging this special event for us!


    We also had a wonderful assembly today brought to us by your PTO. Tears of Joy Puppet Theater came and performed 2 shows for our students and staff. They presented “The Toad Prince” which was a Beauty and The Beast story set in China. The response from kids was amazing and we thank our PTO for this enrichment to our curriculum and exposure to another form of the arts. The sound of laughter down the halls during the performances was truly joyus to hear!

    Building Notifications

    Our library team has been working very hard to keep on top of our missing books. Those that have late fines have been informed via email and notes home. You can also check any fines on your student’s account in Family Access. If you have fines attached to your student’s account, once books are returned, the fines are removed.

    Please look around for any items needing to be returned. Assessed fines will remain on your student’s account and can follow them through their school career until they are paid. This spring, when we start taking money for field trips, we are obligated to apply payments to the fines first. Thank you for helping us keep our library full of books for all to enjoy by returning late books or paying fines so that lost or damaged items can be replaced.


    Title Night

    Last night we had our first Title One parent event of the year. The Parent Pep Talk was given by John Norlin to a very engaged group of parents. A lot of positive reviews were given by parents at the end and are very much looking forward to future installments.

    Thanks to Anne Newsom, our Title 1 coordinator for organizing the event and to our paras, Deb Hansen, Donna Schwartz and Joann Parker for overseeing the childcare in the gym so parents could listen to our speaker worry free! A special thank you to the young ladies of Sumner Rainbow for giving their time to assist the paras in the gym to actively engage in activity stations with our students. 


    Maintenence and Child Nutrition News

    Winter Parking Lot Paths

    When the roads and parking lots are icy, please take note of the pathway illustrated below when pathways are de-iced. Thanks for helping keep staff, students and guests safe while walking this winter!


    Did you know?

    You can have school lunch menus at your fingertips by going to the App Store?  “My School Lunch Menus” will allow you to see the elementary menus for the day as well as all the nutrition facts for the offerings.  The menu is also available on the district website as well.

    We have continued to offer the free dinner program at LRE. Dinner is free for anyone 18 and under. Adults pay $4.25. Hours for the program are 5:00-5:45 for dinner service Monday through Thursday. Friday is 4:30-5:15.


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  • LRE Newsletter: Jan. 13

    Posted by Sarah Gillispie at 1/13/2017

    Extra-Curricular Activities at LRE

    We are so lucky to have extra clubs and activities for our students at Liberty Ridge. Thank you to the following staff members for adding to their daily instructional responsibilities extra- curricular activities for their students. We appreciate you and your support for our students:

    Megan Thibodeau, Jarah Snelling, Kasey Yanusevich, Christy Fisher, Juli McHolland, Don Weber, Linda Johnson, Connie Haines,

    Stacy Jackson, Robin Luce, Kris Fox, Chari Wright, Michael Baldwin, Katie Laramore, Allison Elliott, Kelly Adcox, Deidra Enos, and Natalie Parmley.


    An Update on the Science Club

    This Tuesday was the first meeting of our Science Club with Mrs. Snelling and Mrs. Thibodeau. Thank you to our parents for being prompt in picking up your child. Our future “scientists” are excited to begin working on their STEM fair projects and we are so pleased to be able to offer them support to make their STEM projects as successful as possible. If your child is interested in STEM Fair, please email our fair coordinator, Megan Thibodeau. She and Jarah Snelling are also running the Science club together to help support those students actively working on their STEM fair projects. Thanks to these ladies for their hard work!


    Battling the Flu Bug

    As you have probably read in the news, Pierce County is experiencing a very high occurrence of flu. You can help prevent the spread of flu by reinforcing good hand washing habits with your kids and by keeping your kids home when they exhibit signs of flu such as fever. District guidelines state kids must be fever free for 24 hours without medication and without physical stomach symptoms for 24 hours. Our Staff is vigilant in wiping surfaces each day.

    Thank you for calling in absences in first thing in the morning, it is a huge time saver for our office.


    Parent Pep Talk Series

    THE MENTAL SKILLS YOUR CHILD NEEDS TO SUCCEED IN SCHOOL AND IN LIFE is a series of Parent Pep Talk presentations to assist families in their quest to raise well-rounded, socially capable, motivated, and compassionate world citizens.  Topics include:

    • Teach your child to self-motivate.
    • Teach your child how to flex the optimistic muscles.
    • Teach your child how to have the right mindset.


     John Norlin is the Sumner School District’s Whole-Child Program Administrator. More than that, he is a gem of a leader to whom we have access. His presentation style is engaging and interactive.  John is an advocate for our growing young people and the adults dedicated to guiding them.

    Come enjoy time with John Norlin and our community of Liberty Ridge Elementary families on Thursday, January 26th from 6:00 p.m. to 7:45 p.m.  A delicious spaghetti dinner will be served from 6:00 to 6:30.  Childcare, for children 3 years old and up, will begin at 6:30 in the gym so that adults may proceed to the library for John’s presentation.


    PLEASE RSVP to Anne_Newsom@sumnersd.org

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  • LRE Newsletter: Nov. 18

    Posted by Sarah Gillispie at 11/18/2016

    This Week at Liberty Ridge

    We had a successful conference week at Liberty Ridge! We had over 435 conferences held over the last few days! Thank you to all of our parents who made these meetings a priority to make those important connections with teachers. We really appreciate it. We also saw a significant decrease in the size of our Lost and Found during conferences, so it was nice to see that so many items made their way home. Items left at LRE by Thanksgiving break will be donated to charity.


    Our third grade classes also got some special visitors on Wednesday from our local Rotary chapter. Each of our third grade students were all gifted a student dictionary to use at home. Thanks so much to Rotary for this generous gift! These will be very helpful for these students for years to come.


    Our nurse Jessica was busy this week wrapping up hearing and vision screenings as well as fitting some of our students with jackets generously donated by our firefighters. As it gets cold, please remember to remind kids to dress accordingly!


    As you can see, we have so much to be thankful for at our school as we move into Thanksgiving weekend. We hope that you take the time to have a restful holiday next week with your families and enjoy your kiddos as they have an extended weekend with the Elementary school closure on November 23rd to allow for grading day as well as the closure for Thanksgiving on the 24th and 25th


    Military Family Verification in Family Access


    Each year the district is required by Washington state to survey our families as to whether or not they are currently active in the US Armed Forces, National Guard or Reserves.  This information is used to remove barriers to educational success imposed on children of military families because of frequent moves and deployment of their parents.

    The survey must be completed for each child attending a school within the district.  When accessing your child's information in Family Access, please verify military family affiliation if appropriate. 


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  • LRE Newsletter: Oct. 14

    Posted by Sarah Gillispie at 10/14/2016

    Celebrations at Liberty Ridge

    On October 4th, we had our annual Watch D.O.G.S. Dad’s event and it was held with a great deal of enthusiasm. We had 63 dads attend the event and processed over 20 background checks that night alone! The sign up calendar was shared out to all the dads who expressed interest in signing up for a day. If you would like to be added to this group, please let our office know and we can add you to the distribution list.  Thanks to our Top Dog, Doug Goodin, for helping facilitate these amazing dads and being our leader for this worthy group of gentleman.



    School Safety is Top Priority at Liberty Ridge

    School safety has and will continue to stay at the forefront of Liberty Ridge. Our entire staff recently participated in extensive training facilitated by Pierce County Deputy Scott Brown. The focus of the training was how to respond to situations in which there may be an intruder in our building and/or related emergency scenarios. We are the first school in our district to implement this extensive and critical training. Thank you so much to Deputy Brown and James Jacques from East Pierce Fire and Rescue for becoming “extended” members of the Liberty Ridge staff. Both of these professionals have committed to be ongoing resources and will provide support to our staff and students.  

    Speaking of safety in general, as we watch the recent news and read social media, we are all reminded how important it is to communicate and care for each other. Please know that collectively LRE staff, as well as the Sumner School District, will continue to be attentive in reporting unusual or suspicious activity as are schools across this district and the state.  With so many safety alerts in the forefront, we want to continue to assure our students and families that our school experience is positive and Liberty Ridge is a safe place to be.

    Important Building News

    Communication is Important!

    We hope you are enjoying this electronic version of our school newsletter. In an effort to make sure all of our students are receiving communications, we have paper copies available in the office. We try to communicate bi-weekly. If you know of a family who is not receiving the emails, please encourage them to pick that up in our office. Thanks for helping us improve communication to our families!


    Lost and Found 

    Please come by and check out our Lost and Found! We have a ton of items that are needing to find their way home. 



    Fall Festivities at Liberty Ridge

    With Halloween and our PTO fall carnival, Halloween Fest, around the corner, we just want to make sure we are all on the same page regarding costumes. Traditionally at Liberty Ridge, costumes are not allowed to be worn at school on Halloween day or on the school day of Halloween Fest on October 25th. Costumes may be worn to the PTO evening event on October 25th for Halloween Fest. No masks or simulated weapons will be allowed to this event. Look in your folders for communication from PTO regarding that event soon. 


    Kindergarten Highly Capable Services Referral Period:  Oct. 11-25

    Do you know a kindergarten student who performs at significantly advanced academic levels when compared with other kindergartners?  Consider referring them for Sumner School District’s Highly Capable Services.Characteristics of Highly Capable learners could include:

    • Analytical thinker
    • Accelerated learner
    • Advanced language speaker
    • Self-motivated

    Referral packet and forms are available at www.sumnersd.org.  


    From Our District Nurse

    As we are approaching Halloween, it is a good reminder of the presence of food allergies in our schools. This time of year is especially scary for parents of students with life threatening food allergies. Please be aware of the food allergies in your student’s classrooms and try to avoid bringing in those allergens. We know that sometimes it is unavoidable for students to bring those such foods in their lunches but we want to raise awareness to the allergens. Some important reminders to students and parents are:

    • Keep our friends safe by knowing the food allergies in the classroom and trying to refrain from bringing them
    • Avoid food sharing, we only want students eating food that is theirs not their neighbors
    • Emphasize good handwashing with soap and water anytime food is consumed, this not only washes away potential food allergens but decreases the spread of illness

    Thank you for your efforts to keep all students safe!

    Katrina Thompson RN


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  • LRE Newsletter: Aug. 2016

    Posted by Sarah Gillispie at 8/24/2016

    Back to School BBQ

    Welcome new and returning Thunder Eagles!

    We are looking forward to an amazing school year!


    We hope you can join us for our Back to School BBQ 

    August 30th 5:00-7:00



    Welcome to Our New Staff!!!


    We are pleased to announce several new memebers to the Liberty Ridge Family. We look forward to their wisdom that will be contributed to our team:

    Linda Heade - Interim Principal

    Shelley Geurtin - Links Teacher

    Michael Russ - Links Support

    Doug Grahame - Psychologist

    Allison Elliott - Counselor

    Amanda Bohl - 1st Grade

    Cassandra Crosby - 3rd Grade

    Cynthia Blix - 3rd Grade

    Jarah Snelling - 5th Grade

    Erin Martin - Preschool

    Susan Ball - Preschool

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